WOW Pageants is an International Beauty Pageant with the mission to Empower, Educate and Enlighten people. Contestants compete from 20 plus countries and showcase their talents, skills, catwalk, modeling and much more. This is a platform which helps you take your brand from Local to Global and gain that exposure to find new clients.

There are 4 categories of WOW pageants that you can participate. They are Teen WOW, Miss WOW, Mrs WOW and Mr WOW. There are no restrictions of age, height or weight. Anyone from age 12 to 60 years can compete. Certified Training and support will be provided when you compete. Register today to audition for the pageant and showcase your talent to the world.  When you enter the competition you will receive the following :

Certified Training on Catwalk, How to Pose in front of Camera, Stage Presence, Speak on Stage, Costumes training to suit your body type, Sightseeing, and much more.