Rachanaa Jain

Founder and Director of WOW Group

Rachanaa Jain is an Artist, Author & Coach . She is the founder of Devine Messages and WOW. Devine Messages is holistic coaching and WOW comprises of WOW Magazine, WOW Awards, WOW Pageants, Mrs Asia UK, WOW Productions, WOW Events and WOW Retreat. She also an established author of 2 hit selling books called “Awake Your Dreams, Stop Procrastinating! Start Achieving!” and “Sovereign: 8 Steps to winning a Pageant”. She represented United Kingdom in an International pageant called Asia International 2017 which was held at Hengdian Studios in China and she came back with two titles, Asia International Popularity and Asia International 2nd Runner up. She is an award winning International Speaker and Holistic & Pageant Coach and has helped thousands of people so far to achieve the potential they have had all along, while also making sure that they get the confidence boost they need to truly succeed. She has recently won Ditto Music Award for her first Music Single called Dazzling Diva which is available on spotify, itunes, google play, youtube and many other music channels. Here’s the link : https://rachanaajain.lnk.to/DazzlingDiva 

She strongly believes “Dreams are within reach. All you have to do is to visualize and believe in what you want to be, create an action plan and the universe will guide you through the next step to make it a reality” 

She has been featured globally in numerous magazines, TV, newspapers, online, radio and her experience alone makes her stand out as one of the top coaches. 

She believes in karma and says “The key to living is giving”. She believes in helping those who have nothing for themselves, and she regularly contributes to orphanages, the disabled, women empowerment charities and more. In fact, 5% of all of the proceedings from her books go to a charity called Give India, so when you choose her as your coach , you know you are choosing someone who has a genuine level of compassion and someone who will do everything she can to make the lives of others better. More information about her can be found on http://rachanaajain.com 

Alain Zirah Artist and Founder of Off De Cannes Film Festival

Alain Zirah is an author, photographer, director, producer and talent discoverer with the OFF de Cannes festival he founded in 2005. This event, which is punctuated each year by a ceremony, has been held since 2016 in the Carlton Ballroom where Anne Gomis and himself announce the results of the Great International OFF de Cannes Web Contest as well as the results of the Family Film Awards they co-produce in Los Angeles with Dr Olympia Gellini Great. With Nicolas Biolley, they are the co-directors of the film The Kat Ladies (2009). With Anne Gomis, he directed the long feature film Forbidden Visions / Visions Interdites (2013), a first version of which was screened during the Cannes 2013 festival. In 2016, they joined forces with American partners with the World Film Institute to co-produce the Family Film Awards (Los Angeles). He shot a short digital series about girl power called Kat Ladies (2017) and the short film Power Pop Girls (2019). 

A specialist of the Cannes Film Festival, which he has been attending since 1983, he publishes the book Glitter & Glam / Strass & Paillettes (2011). His next book, God creates Woman alike herself / Dieu a créé la femme à son image (Éditions Thierry Sajat – 2014) brings together poems and philosophical tales in a specific homage for women. His first novel Blood on The Red Carpet / Du Sang sur le Tapis Rouge (Éditions Thierry Sajat – 2016) received the 2016 Art Freedom Prize and was adapted as a web series in 2018. The year 2017 is marked by the publication of Rock Fictions (1976-2016) (Société des Ecrivains – 2017) as well as a new and expanded version of his autobiographical work Cannes Festival Backstage / Dans les coulisses du festival de Cannes (Société des Ecrivains – 2017). A new tribute to women, his new Forbidden to Men Book / Interdit aux Hommes (Librairie Numérique de Monaco – 2018) was presented at the Monaco 2019 book fair and is directly addressed to all French-speaking women. He received the 2015 Who’s Who Worldwide Awards and a 2019 Prize in Le Castellet medieval town.

Photographer since 1983 and former correspondent of the Imapress press agency, he receives a prize for his 30 years of photography, highlighting his career, from his first exhibition Flowers of the Male / Les Fleurs du Mâle (Marseille 1983) to the greatest Art Freedom at the Espace Pierre Cardin (Paris 2015) and Business Art at the Carrousel du Louvre (Paris 2016).

Aaron Marcus Actor and Model for Hollywood

Aaron Marcus has been a full-time actor and commercial model for over 33 years. He has been cast in more
than 1,250 projects: including the ABC TV Pilot “Heart of Life” , Steve Carell’s just released feature,
Irresistible, Gotham, his recurring role on House of Cards, Mr. Robot, Halt and Catch Fire, Rectify, Law &
Order: CI, Project Almanac, Philomena, Thespians, a TV show streaming on Amazon and Fishbowl to name a
Aaron’s new book “ How toBecome a Successful Actor and Model ,”
has over 100-5 star ratings on Amazon. 
You can Subscribe to his free Acting and Modeling Quick Tip Channel:
Aaron has helped hundreds of actors and models get representation and work with his private online mentoring
programs – http://howtoactandmodel.com/mentoringprogram
He has also given more than 800 in- person “Book the Job” workshops spanning 3 continents.

Deborah Jay Kelly

Stage Presence Trainer, Host and Presenter for WOW Pageants

Deborah Jay Kelly* has been in the spotlight for On-Stage Presenting, Red Carpet Hosting, Modelling, Creative Directing and Acting since she was 17 years old. She started by dancing on Top Of The Pops along with numerous Music Videos. Having choreographed 40 Fashion Shows for Charity she began her long standing career in Television. Deborah Jay Kelly is now a familiar face of Reality TV, Film, Fashion Presenting, Hosting, Red Carpet Interviews, Modelling, Catwalk and Dance on n International Scale. She has hosted ‘The Islamabad Fashion Week’ in Pakistan, ‘The Miss Africa Diaspora’ in Houston ‘Ladies of All Nations International’ in Morocco and has currently been the Presenter and Host for some 500 Fashion and Charity related events. Winning 18 awards and recognitions in 2019 alone, including a BEFFTA Award for her ‘Contribution to the World’ which was a dream come true for her, she also Won her first International Pageant at the age of 50! Currently mentoring young aspiring Presenters, having written 8 books and launching her 2nd Academy this year

Celestia Barby

Life Coach and Host for WOW Pageants

Celestia Barby, is a farm girl from a little village in England on the planet floating in the universe.

She is a creative soul with a unique vision that has crafted into a life coach & inspirational speaker.

With consistent knowledge and individual awareness, she help people evolve into the products of life-giving them access their inner and outer beauty within the way they think, act and look.

We all need role models for guidance and help in life. The smallest act of kindness can change someone’s mindset or even their day.

She have been born to make a positive difference to the lives of others and She will not stop until She has lifted and guided as many people as possible to help them find the light at the end of the tunnel.She owns a fabulous life coaching practice called Boss Studios VIP

Follow your heart , trust your soul and always believe in yourself!


  • “You must be a fool to harm your own soul”
  • “Confidence is the key to success”
  • “We are on a planet floating in the universe”
  • “Over 7 billion people and why can’t you be successful”
  • “Judge no one just improve yourself”